This'll Dew Farm 

"Breeding quality animals in the North, for the North."

Hardy, Healthy, Registered Animals 

A little about our farm & family...

We are a family farm, parents and (adult) children, who live on 10 acres in the wild North of Alberta. We have raised goats ever since I was a child who had severe dairy-cow milk allergies. This led us to finding out that goats milk was a perfect alternative, and we began to raise Saanens, which branched into 4H and showing. Fast-forward many years and many relocation's later, and we were finally able to buy land again and re-start the farm. We have been selectively breeding Nigerian Dwarf Goats now since 2016, with a keen focus on hardy, naturally healthy animals with exceptional natural mothering instincts. Closely linked to these traits also comes strong, well producing milk lines and udders that will stand the test of time, as well as keeping in mind the true standard of confirmation associated with the breed. Recently we have also added Nubians and Kune Kune pigs to our farm, which will aid us in the production of cheese, yogurt, soap, home-grown meat and other products on our journey to self-sustainability.  We have tested our herd since 2017 for both Johnnes and CAE and have been fortunate to have had negative, clean results each time. Our latest testing for Johnnes was in the Spring of 2019, CAE in fall of 2018, and those clean results are available for prospective buyers. CAE testing will commence again before Winter 2019 sets in and will also be available for viewing upon request. We have never had any CL lumps here, and will be happy to show video proof of any and all animals at any time. We are a blue-collar, working family farm, and because of this and the fact that we live in the wilds of rural Alberta, have decided to keep our prices on the lower end of the market for purebred, tested, registered goats. Each member of our herd, both male and female are not just a cash-producing animal. We know each of their names, can describe each one's personality and for the most part we can even distinguish their voices! They are not just a working member of our farm, they are our pets, our hobby, and as such, a beloved part of the family. 

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