This'll Dew Farm 

2020 Breeding Schedule 

Please note that mother nature is a fickle beast, ergo this breeding schedule could possibly change going forwards!  We will update with due dates as soon as actual breedings have taken place! 

Cowgirl's Ariel - Curl Creek All That Jazz

(All doelings retained, 1st buckling reserved)

Graceland NK Dime Piece - Rock Mountain's Copper

(1st doeling retained, 1st buckling potentially retained)

Cowgirl's Cracklin Rosie - Rock Mountain's Copper 

(First doeling retained, 1st buckling potentially retained)

Joyful Meadow SL Ruby - Lil Bit Country HT Legend

(1st doeling retained,2nd doeling reserved,  1st buckling retained)

Blackbird Creek Farm Benue - Rock Mountain's Copper

(1st doeling retained, 2nd doeling reserved, 1st wether reserved)

Country Magic Masquerade - Camanna BP Aftermath

(1st doeling retained, 2nd doeling reserved)

Rock Mountain Johnny's Tribute - Camanna BP Aftermath

Rock Mountain Felonious Fruit - Camanna BP Aftermath

(1st doeling retained, 1st buckling possible reserved)

Happy Hoof Acres Heart Lee - Curl Creek All That Jazz

(1st doeling retained)

Lupin's Sweet Caroline - Lil Bit Country HT Legend

(1st doeling retained)

Willow - Buckley (Kune Kune Pigs)

Sales Policies 

Please read this policy in its entirety before committing to one of our animals.

Please note ALL future customers will be required to sign a purchase contract when buying a goat* Breeding Schedule found at the bottom.

1. In order to get on our waitlist, please email, text, or call or contact us via facebook and let us know which pairing you are interested in. We do take a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on the breeding(s) of your choice, or if the breeding of your choice is not available, we will then transfer it to another available kid or refunded at that time. 

2. As the breeder, we reserve the right to retain any kid regardless of reservations and the right to refuse the sale of an adult or kid to anyone, for any reason, at any point in the transaction, in which case your deposit will be refunded.

3. Kids must be picked up no later than 10 days after they are weaned and ready to go. Here at This'll Dew Farm we keep our kids to a minimum of 15 weeks of age in order to ensure they have the most vigorous and healthy start to life. If kids are not picked up or arrangements made after 10 days of an agreed upon date, we will consider your mind changed and that kid will be put back up for sale. We do not sell bottle babies, preferring to dam raise unless absolutely necessary as we believe dam raising gives them the best start in life.

4. Full payment is due before the animal leaves the property. If you wish to pay at the time of pick-up, we ask you to please bring cash or send an e-transfer before hand, we do not accept personal cheques.

5. Please ensure you bring appropriate transportation for your animals. A crate with fresh, dry and clean bedding is the best option. We are able to MINIMALLY ship via WestJet out of Prince George, BC airport. A $125 delivery fee is applicable in this case, as we are 5 hrs away from said airport, you must also pay for an appropriate crate. Land delivery is also sometimes available! Please contact us for a price quote :-) We will no longer be lending out crates. PLEASE NOTE: We are located in Demmitt, Alberta. This is in the far North, please be aware of how far away it is from you before placing a deposit.

6. Our goats are guaranteed healthy when they leave our farm but because we can not control the stress of shipping and the animal's management or environment after it leaves our care, we do not offer further health guarantees. Genetic anomolies such as infertility, over-height or other will be dealt with on a case by case basis. For bio-security reasons, we can not have goats return to our farm once they have left the property.

7. We do not offer breeding or stud services at this time for bio-security reasons. All farm sales going forwards will be done at our gate. 

8. All kids will be registered with the CLRC, tattooed, disbudded, dewormed, pre-snuggled and loved and have their hooves trimmed before they leave for their new homes. (We cannot guarantee no scurs after disbudding).

Our herd is tested clean for CAE and Johnnes in 2017 and again in April/Fall of 2018, and to date have never experienced any CL abscesses. We are also tested clean now in February/May of 2019 for Johnnes and CAE will be done this fall.