This'll Dew Farm 

Our bucks have been very carefully thought out and selected from the very best farms in Western Canada. Each one brings a little something uniquely special to the table, and each boy is a very valued part of our operations here. 

We are quite fortunate to have these 4, very well behaved and mannered boys. Even during the rut season, our boys practice their manners, and never get out of hand. They are gentle and good to their does and of course, throw amazing babies! Each one is from a completely unique and different bloodline, allowing us to diversify and really help create something that is all our own. 

Lil Bit Country HT Legend - 2017 

Legend is the first herd-sire that came to our farm, and he is one boy that will always stay with our family due to his lovable, personable nature. He always gets the job done as a breeding buck; we always say that if a doe isn't accepting of one of our other guys to "go get Legend". He puts out friendly, sturdy but stylish, dairy-type pretty kids that carry on his plush, rich and heavy coat that serves them well for our Northern Alberta Winters. Legend comes from a strong milking line, with sizable udders that have good attachments, and noteworthy teat lengths in his background. Click on the button below to see his pedigree and more of his pictorial background! 

Camanna BP Aftermath - 2015

Mattie is a recent acquisition of ours that we are so wonderfully happy with! This boy is a U.S import from before the border closed, all the way from Camanna's Petite Paradise in Oregon where they have been breeding top quality show and dairy production animals for over 18 years. Matties Dam, Camanna TC Laurentia Blue was classified VEEE 90 in 2016 and his sire Alethia JD Bachelor Party is a star plus breeding buck in the USA! Putting this guy over our beautiful does will certainly make for some exquisitely bred, show-ring ready animals.

Rock Mountain's Copper - 2016

Copper is a lovely young boy who we have had our eye on since he was a wee baby! While color is the first thing you might notice with this boy, what drew us to him was his perpetually uphill stance, lovely width, flat rump and overall "solid-ness". Copper is a direct son of Poppy Patch BR Johnny Fiasco, who hails from the USA, and Taylorsides Zoe Bee who also comes from a reputed heavy milking line. Johnny has some pretty solid milking lines in his pedigree, with a lot of capacity in some nicely textured udders, not to mention quite a few powerhouse does backing him up! (Please note, I do not have any photographical evidence of Copper's dam's side of the pedigree, so have added more on his Sire's side to make up for this). 

Curl Creek All That Jazz - 2019

Jazz is the littlest in the buck barn, but certainly not the least! This magical young buck comes to us from Curl Creek Farm, out of some spectacular lineage! His dam Curl Creek Razzle Dazzle did some serious cleaning up at the 2019 West National show by taking Reserve Grand Champion, and has the milk capacity and production to back up her phenomenal confirmation. His sire is out of the much-coveted Rosasharn PF Prince Charming, who is a U.S import out of one of the USA's top 10 milking does in 2011. We are so pleased to have this flashy boy here with us and eagerly look forwards to his future.

Winsannie MPM Greta's Goliath - 2019

We got Goliath when we purchased our lovely girls from Winsannie Acres in Southern Saskatchewan. He is a lovely, striking boy with a perfectly arched roman nose and supremely nice confirmation.