This'll Dew Farm 

We chose the Nigerian Dwarf goat breed due to the awesome milk production capabilities that they pack into such a small body! That characteristic paired along with the wide variety of beautiful colors they come in and their sweet, loving temperaments made it a very easy decision for us!

Nigerian Dwarf goats give a surprising amount of milk for their small size, and are actually listed as producing the highest levels of butterfat (between 6-10%, higher than cows!) As butterfat is what gives milk its sweet flavor, Nigerians are an obvious choice for those who want delicious milk, and not to mention for those who want to make their own products like cheese and butter. This breed is small and gentle, making them overall very easy to handle. And at these sizes, you can have more per square foot! 

Our Nubians were added to the herd in an effort to boost up our personal milk consumption quantities, since the Nigerians are often so busy with raising up their kids! Our girls and our beautiful buckling Goliath joined the farm in the summer of 2019, and fast became some of our favorites with their long, velvet ears, roman arched noses and splashy coloring. 

Enjoy meeting our ladies! Each photo will link you to a page with more information and photos of each (breeding age) doe. 

Blackbird Creek Farm Benue - 2014 *Retired*

What can you say about ol' Bean Bean. She is the herd's (and my) best friend. She takes in the newcomer goats as if she were their own personal welcoming committee, and raises her own kids (and other's kids when necessary) with a ferocity and immeasurable devotion that is unprecedented. She is our original "mountain goat", coming from the wilds of Bralorne BC, all the way up to the wilds of Northern Alberta. Her udder is quite a surprising delight, with long, milkable teats and wonderful placement and udder floor. Bean loves nose-kisses and crunchy horse treats.

Country Magic Masquerade - 2014

Our Gypsy is a sweet, sneakily well put together doe who, despite being quite wild when we got her is now actually our best milker! She has a nicely attached udder with an excellent fill, and decent sized teats that make milking a breeze. She consistently puts out exceptional babies, and is a much loved member of our herd.

Cowgirl's Ariel - 2015

Ariel is a herd favorite, who I call my "princess". She never fails to amaze me with her udder capacity, body length and width, kid-rearing instincts, and overall loving personality. She has had a fairly distinguished show career prior to our home, and is often recognized for her udder in conversations we've had with other breeders. She is always up for a cuddle, and loves to co-queen the herd with Aura. 

Graceland NK Dime Piece - 2016

Little, dainty and elegant Dime is small, but fierce. Her dam is Thistle Creek Penny Lane, a beautifully dairy doe who hails from spectacular animals such as Rockstar Ranch drops of Jupiter, and Thistle Creek Ellie Mae. Dime has a lovely, well attached globular udder with perfect teat size and placement, and always puts out multiple, beautiful kids. Starting out as a shy, serene type of doe, Dime has certainly come into her own this past Summer, and now is quite a feisty little queen!

(photo courtesy of Graceland Nigerians)

Coming Spring 2020

Stay tuned for some quality, old school lineages!

Cowgirl's Cracklin Rosie - 2018

Rosie, is a half sister to our beloved Ariel. She comes from the same wonderful dam, "Outlaw's Blue Jewel" who was the top classified doe in Canada in 2016. Her sire is also a heavy-hitter, though a rather quiet one! "Outlaw's Geronimo" was classified at EX91 in 2016, which is definitely not something to scoff at! Rose is the spitting image of her dam, and we are confident that this loveable, barn-yard goof-ball will produce some amazing, show-quality kids. Despite all of those high-hopes and expectations riding on her, Rosie's favorite thing to do is curl up in your lap and have a snooze. 

Joyful Meadow SL Ruby - 2018

Ruby is one of those does who, while being extremely well bred and beautifully conformed, just doesn't like to take a decent photo! Ruby is our only Eastern Canada bred doe, she is small and bossy, and comes from a dam who has one of the nicest udders I've seen out there. 

Coming Spring 2020!

Stay tuned!

Rock Mountain's Johnny's Tribute - 2019

"Tribby" is a stunning, solidly built, moonspotted girl whom we are so blessed to have one of the last daughters out of Poppy Patch Johnny Fiasco ! This girl is only a yearling but already has impressed us with her bone structure, width and lovely topline. 

Rock Mountain's Felonious Fruit - 2018

"Felon" is another amazing, solid, moonspotted girl whom we are so blessed to have one of the last daughters out of our very own Rock Mountain's Copper! We are so thankful to have the chance to own a (slightly) mature Copper daughter who we are now adding to our breeding schedule this fall! This will not only put some amazing, well bred babies on the ground but help us prove out Copper too! 

Happy Hoof Acres Heart Lee - 2018

"Heartlee" was trusted to us by our good friend Amanda at Indian Creek Acres. She is a daughter of Country Magic Cassidy 2 who is a direct son of Poppy Patch Hopalong Cassidy, and her dam is Happy Hoof Acres Fancy Face out of Old Mountain Farm Majestic. Talk about some old, awesome lines! 

Graceland NK Nicola Rose - 2019

Nicola was a doeling that we couldn't possibly say no to. Out of Castle Rock Nikolas and the amazing doe Thistle Creek Briar Rose, this young doeling already has beautiful confirmation with a darling face. She is strikingly similar to her half sister Dime whom we also own, and I expect she will grow into being one of the absolute nicest does in our herd! We are so thankful to Dani @ Graceland Nigerians for trusting us with this special girl of hers. 

(Photo courtesy of Graceland Nigerians

Graceland MFS Scotts Bonnie Gem - 2019

Bonnie was another no brainer for us. She is out of our beautiful doe Crown Jewel, and a U.S import buck known as Minterbay Flying Scotsman. We are so lucky to own this doeling, and based on her pedigree and absolute stunning-ness of both her parent's, we know she will be another top performer. While she looks all black, this little rascal actually has some deep red moonspots on her flip side! Paired with her icy blue eyes, Bonnie is quite a striking doe.


(Photo courtesy of Graceland Nigerians

Yellow Point HT Scarlet Letter - 2019

Ohhh my gaaawwdd we have an Elfin Acres F Hawthorne daughter!  We are very blessed to have these superior genetics join our herd, with a sire like Hawthorne and a dam whom everyone in the goat world SHOULD know the pedigree behind, Thistle Creek RJ Ruby Tuesday!  Both animals come from heavy milking and sharp dairy lines, so I am happily expectant that Scarlet will live up to what she is already promising with her stylish, stunning confirmation! 

Bee Named Honey Blue Smoke - 2019

Smoke is a lovely little doe with some quality milking lines backing her up. She has all the flash, pizzazz and spunky attitude to boot! Her sire is out of Camanna BA Elijah Blue, and her dam is Curl Creek Shasta Daisy, who is also out of a US buck named Camanna BP Marshall, so this young lady is loaded with great genes! 

Lupin's Sweet Caroline - 2019

Sweet Caroline. This doeling is surpassing all of my wildest expectations. She is large, in charge and just a whole lot of something special. Her sharp, angular lines portray a bright future of dairy production and class, and her snappy attitude displays hints of a future herd queen as well. Her dam is our own much loved Benue, and her sire is a son of one of the King's; Calico Creek Indian Ocean. (Thistle Creek Mac the Knife). 

Lupin's White Wedding - 2019

Oh Billy! Billy is a wee little sasspot out of our doe Dime and our favorite buck, Legend. She sports her daddy's rich, plush coat, sparkling blue eyes and a wonderful combination of Dime's beautiful refinement and Legend's solid, uphill stylish build. Billy rocks and rolls around the barn and pastures like her namesake himself, and is 100 percent in charge of the little group of baby does! 

Lupin's Thumbelina - 2019

This little girl is polled, and sports one heck of a stylish, elegant, and dairy confirmation already. She is out of some fantastic lines, her dam is Outlaw's Echo, who is out of one of my favorite does of all time in the Nigerian world, Outlaw's Daisy Mae. Her sire is also none other than Wonderland MM Night Fury, now owned by our friends at Wolf Rock Nigerians. Fury is out of another one of Canada's top does in 2018, Cedar Green Twilight. His sire is a U.S imported buck with some superior labeled genetics behind him as well. 


Winsannie RB Light Brigade

Bridgette is a lovely girl of impeccable lineage. Her confirmation is one to beat, and we just adore her beautiful roaned coloring. 

Winsannie SSD Edelweiss 

Ida, is another superbly bred doe. She is going to grow into a dark mahogany color when she gets older and we are so pleased to have her here with us! 

Amarula Winsome Willow

Oh Willa. Our sweet funny Willa. This doe is such a farm character. She came to us completely and utterly wild, would not let us touch her or even near her without her flying up the side of the barn. Now, we cannot get her away from us! She hollers if she sees us outside, follows us around and will bury her head in our pockets looking for treats! She has done some silly things, such as this year she hid her buckling from us overnight, we thought he had been grabbed by a predator! But no, despite having looked over what we thought was every inch of the farm, the Nigerians brought him back the next morning! She is one crazy goat, but we love her dearly. 

Milk House BSI Eden

Eden is a lovely big doe who we purchased in the Fall of 2019. She is a stunning and powerful doe, with a lovely udder.