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AKKPS & AKPR Registered Kune Kune Pigs

We have been very fortunate to purchase a breeding pair of registered Kune Kune pigs, and look forwards to offering quality heritage piglets in the upcoming spring! From Trish 33 and RU 7 lines, Willow and Buckley are dual registered with both the AKPR and the AKKPS.  They are two years old, and to date have had one successful breeding and litter so far! These are sweet, friendly pigs who love to have pets and cuddles; in fact, our sow Willow will run over to us in hopes of sitting in our laps, and Buckley "croons" to you as soon as you start to pet him.  We have been so pleasantly surprised with the easy keeping, outstandingly friendly nature of these pigs, and certainly for-see the farm moving ahead with this wonderful, pasture grazing, friendly breed. Learn more about the Kune Kune breed   HERE.

We're expecting! 

Willow and Buckley are expecting a litter to be on the ground at the end of March 2020! 

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BBS Trish 33: Willow 

Willow is a slight bit shorter than Buckley, and weighs in at approximately 300lbs. She is a very sharp, feminine looking sow with an absolute goofball attitude. She loves to run around, her movements free and fluid, adores meal times and is sure to remind you about it if you don't feed her before the goats, and will literally try to climb into your lap for attention. She is a long, uniformly wide sow with strong feet and a well sprung body. She has 12 perfectly aligned teats and two adorable peri peri. 

ILF Ru 7: Buckley

Buckley is 38" from point of shoulder to the start of his adorable wee tail, and weighs in at approximately 400lbs. He has a very straight top-line and legs, and is extremely long, deep and very symmetrical. His ears are a perfect example of the breed standard being inclined forward in a semi-lopped state, settling nicely over his eyes. He has a deep and thick neck with a heavy jowl, which is offset by two evenly placed peri peri. His temperament is his real shining crown though, as he is just the quietest, most sweetest gentleman.